What Is The Word? (aka The Blog) – Monday, Aug.25 2014 Edition

Seems I need to update you on the comings and goings of Heartbreak A Stranger. So….

  • The recording in the studio was on hold for the summer. I want to pay some more money towards the studio time before I move forward. Plus, it’s a little too warm to record during the summer months. When I have enough money paid, I’ll move forward with the recording.
  • I’ll be recording some live video renditions of songs past and present in September/October. I’m just working on lining up some locations around the city. Once again, I’ll be working with Andrew Fleming. Looking forward to shooting some video.
  • I have a live gig in Halifax. Look for the show in early October. I’ll be on a bill with a couple of well known musicians. I’ll be first on the bill so, getting early to the show is paramount if you want to catch my set. I’ll have more news as we get closer to the date.


This fall is shaping up pretty good. I’m looking forward to showing you what I have in store.





What Is The Word – June 24, 2014 Edition

Let’s get updated on the latest news :

I’m still recording tracks with producer/musician Jason Mingo for a future full album release. Eight of ten tracks have the foundation laid down (vocals, guitars etc.). You can hear some of the songs over on the Soundcloud page. The drums will have to be farmed out to a drummer and another studio (The same way tracks for the Trenton EP were recorded). There’s no concrete date yet for the album release. The main focus is to pay for everything, then devise a marketing plan in co-ordination with the release date.


Recently had a meeting with filmmaker Andrew Fleming and we’re working on shooting some more video over the summer. It’s in the early planning stage but I think it’s something you will enjoy. I will let you know it will include unreleased material. I’m looking forward to you hearing songs in a different way.



White Light / White Heat : A Lou Reed & David Bowie Tribute

(poster design by Kevin Beal)

(poster design by Kevin Beal)

Come celebrate the life of Lou Reed (also: his birthday is Sunday, Mar.2) and the music of David Bowie on Saturday, March 1 4pm at The Company House. $5 cover. Local musician Nathan Pilon will play a Bowie solo set and I’ll perform some Lou Reed tunes covering his Velvet Underground/solo material. Shake off those winter blues with a nice matinee of tunes. (PS there is also a Facebook event). Pass it on.

PPS Forgot to mention, I posted a few Lou Reed/VU tunes over on the Soundcloud page