What Is The Word – November 30, 2014 Edition

Well, it’s been a hectic few months. I’m back to trying to juggle some jobs and make a somewhat regular schedule (i’ve been juggling 3 jobs the past two years). So, I’ve put off some recording and other financial projects. It can take a while to get used to saying ‘no’ to certain things but, you can’t do everything. When i meet musicians, the most interesting thing to me is what jobs they perform to pay the bills. Carpenters, Real Estate agents, Bartenders and more. You’ll hear more about these jobs as you see musicians discuss it more. It’s a new reality for musicians.

For those who may not know, I have a more social side of the internet. My other side is Huskermould. You can find me on most social networks. I only mention this because I discussed this news on the personal social side. I recently invested some money in a local, independent record store (Black Buffalo Records). The question i ask myself is not investing in a store, it’s whether i should’ve invested the money in my art? Whether i thought i should take a bigger chance/risk to believe in my music. I won’t lie, i thought a lot about this. I believe in me but can you or would you put a dollar amount on it? Maybe it’s insurance in case thee music never takes off? Lots of ways to look at it.


I have to leave you now but in appreciation for the visit, i leave you with a new song. Enjoy.