Singer/songwriter? What musicians have not been called this in their career?


Heartbreak A Stranger is a one-person band based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is Aaron Hartling, and with chords made by his hands and words from his head he can tell you good stories, keep your attention and make you think and think and think.


“It’s not rocket science,” says Aaron. “Write some words, put a melody behind it and that’s it. But it’s so hard too, to make a really good song, to make a deep connection with the audience. Trust me, it’s easier said than done.”


You can hear a lot of influences in the songs: ‘Closure’ might hold an echo of Bob Mould; ‘Camelot’ might whisper Neil Young. Or Bob Dylan, or Lou Reed. But Aaron does have his own voice. Part biographer, part commentator, part observer, he lays it down in his songs. There is something in every Heartbreak a Stranger song. So, sit back, listen and take each song as a little story. It’s well worth your time.
Aaron released a 7 song ‘Trenton EP’ in March 2012 and is currently recording his first full-length LP.