Digital Stores

If you look to the website sidebar, you’ll see some new icons. My music is in the process of working its way through the internet and will end up on music purchasing sites (itunes, amazon etc) and digital streaming sites (Rdio, Spotify etc.). As they are added, i’ll post links on the page.

What Is The Word – April 14, 2013 Edition

Well, looks like we’ve made some headway here at Heartbreak a Stranger HQ. Let’s get you up to date :


I’ve added some songs, photos and video to my CBC Music page. You can now listen to all of the Trenton EP as individual songs (Psst, I’ve included some extra tunes. You might want to check it out).



I have added some merchandise to the merch page. You can buy merchandise at live shows.

In honor of the Chirpify merchandise page, I’m having a contest !!! I’m gonna give away two postcards. Actually, I will mail the postcards to the winners. Pretty simple contest:

  • On my FB feed, there’s a post about the postcard. Share the post on your FB feed and/or put your name in the comment section of the post.
  • If you are using twitter, send me a tweet and use #heartbreakapostcard

That’s it. I’ll make a draw Friday, April 19.


In May, I also have a house concert on the Victoria Day long weekend (if you live between Halifax and Truro and want to attend, send me an email and I’ll give you directions) and a Saturday matinee show in Halifax. I’ll post more details as we get closer to the date of the shows.

Trenton EP Postcard!

Trenton Postcard FrontTrenton Postcard Back


Here’s the newest merchandise available: Trenton EP Postcards. Just add postage and send to your friends and relatives! The back has some lettering : (on top) website –, (on bottom) lyric from the song Lament; ‘The rails run through my veins. The Forge is the beat of my heart. It’ll always be this way.‘. Available at the Saturday, March 30 show at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 29 Trenton, NS. 7pm with EB Anderson (solo show). See you there..



Heartbreak A Stranger Pin

whoa, shiny new pin!

well, here it is! Hot off the manufacturing assembly line. Shiny new LOCALLY MADE pins that would look great on your lapel, your jacket, any place you feel you need to show it to all your friends. Perhaps some will be available at the show Dec.6 8pm The Company House, Halifax.