Interview – AMI Pop Talk

Local music fan and radio host Ryan Delehanty has his own show on Accessible Media called ‘Pop Talk’. He has a 10 minutes podcast with local musicians discussing their music and much more. Here’s a note I received from Ryan :


‘Happy Birthday, Aaron! (Note: oh yeah, my birthday is today) Your “Pop Talk” episode will be on at 8PM Atlantic tonight. You can catch it on Eastlink 394 (various channel #’s on the other providers) or streaming on’


Listen to the Pop Talk podcast w/Heartbreak A Stranger (link has been deleted)


Later, you should be able to hear the interview archived (along with every other Pop Talk podcast which you should take a listen to anyways) here.



Trenton EP on Progscape Radio

If you want to expand your musical horizons and hear a song from the Trenton EP, you can hear it all Tuesday, Feb.18, 2013 (9pm-midnight AST) on Progscape radio. Progscape Radio covers a lot of musical ground. From the website :


‘… I don’t just play progressive rock. All sorts of genres are represented – ambient, electronic, metal, punk, ska-core, power pop, acoustic, etc. In the world we live in, to be pigeonholed into any specific genre is pointless. The tag line of the show really tells what PSR has tried to do – to push the boundaries of what you think “good” or “quality” music is, and to push that envelope as far as it can go – and hopefully, in the process, to expose you, the listener, to some music that you simply wouldn’t hear anywhere else…’ (read more about the show here)


You can listen to the stream every Tuesday 9-midnight AST, an encore presentation every Wednesday 4-7pm AST or if you can’t listen in real-time, subscribe to the podcast for free.


More Links:

Progscape on Twitter

Progscape on FB

Trenton Project Update – Jan.22, 2013

Well, what started *scratches head* 9 months ago (probably more) is wrapping up very soon. The due date for the Trenton Project rewards will soon be in the hands of the pledges. Some have already been sent to folks in the US and Brazil ! There are rewards still to be delivered locally and to The Netherlands. There’s a lot of preparation to start any project. I was able to find artists who heard my pitch, believed in the concept and lent their talents to this project. I’ve received a lot of great feedback on the artwork. The letterpress cards from artist Crystal Vaughan were picked up this week (here is a write up from Crystal’s blog).

The Trenton Project is wrapping up, and now I’m starting to send out press releases for the Trenton EP. It’s now time to tell various media about the music and spread the word (here is an article from Pictou County newspaper The News). There is a lot more work ahead of me to be done. The real work starts to sell the music. I say ‘bring it on’.



Trenton EP – Lament

Here is your first taste of the Trenton EP. You can pre-order the Trenton EP right here.  Go paste the link to all your social media feeds, go call/text your friends, go tell everyone.


In case your not intrigued enough, I’ll also be on Aaron Petrie’s Cosmic Haligonian Show Thursday, Nov.1 on CKDU. 10:30 AST. We’ll have a chat, a performance, debut new songs and more.


PS There will be another new song debuted tonight (Thursday, Oct.25) on Aaron Petire’s Cosmic Haligonian Show on CKDU. 10:30 AST. I would suggest to tune in.