What Is The Word (aka Blog) Update – September 16, 2012

Well, what has been going on at Heartbreak A Stranger? A lot. Let me fill you in…..


I have been prepping the crowdfunding campaign, which is going to be launched in early October. I’ve decided to use the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. They will host the campaign. I’ve been working on some of the rewards you will receive for giving money on the campaign. Here’s a sample :


Trenton EP Poster

Trenton EP 11×17 Poster


There are other rewards but you’ll have to wait until October to see the entire list of perks.

There is also a video to be uploaded to the crowdfunding site. IT was filmed by local filmmaker Andrew Fleming. We made a road trip to Trenton and shot some footage. I have not seen the footage yet.

I have been making some headway in the recording studio. In the past week I have been in the studio with local musician Julia Feltham recording some cello parts.


Julia Feltham in the studio



I’ve also been recording drum tracks with singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Kev Corbett. Drum tracks were laid down at Codapop Studios in Halifax. Really enjoyed working at Codapop. Here’s a taste of Kevin laying down drums :




I can see the finish line in the recording process. One instrument left to record, then it is on to mixing and CD duplication.


I am also a volunteer at the Music And Image portion of the Atlantic Film Festival. I was looking after some social media duties for the music and image part of the festival. Attend shows and use social media. I was born to play this role. I have been attending some local shows and it has been a lot of fun.


Feels good to be motivated and getting tasks accomplished.






Pics of Trenton, NS – Round 1

When I write songs about the town, I’m reminded of the size of the company. It’s the little reminders of my youth. You could set your clock by the rail cars rolling out of town. The sound of the machinery at night. Main street would be filled with cars, husbands and wives waiting for their loved ones to finish their shift. We don’t have machinery anymore. Now we create artifacts.

long shot of Trenton Works

Trenton Works 2

Trenton Works (opposite end of town)

Trenton Works 3

Look, it pours out molten plastic !!!

Trenton Works 4

Axle Hammer