What Is The Word – November 30, 2014 Edition

Well, it’s been a hectic few months. I’m back to trying to juggle some jobs and make a somewhat regular schedule (i’ve been juggling 3 jobs the past two years). So, I’ve put off some recording and other financial projects. It can take a while to get used to saying ‘no’ to certain things but, you can’t do everything. When i meet musicians, the most interesting thing to me is what jobs they perform to pay the bills. Carpenters, Real Estate agents, Bartenders and more. You’ll hear more about these jobs as you see musicians discuss it more. It’s a new reality for musicians.

For those who may not know, I have a more social side of the internet. My other side is Huskermould. You can find me on most social networks. I only mention this because I discussed this news on the personal social side. I recently invested some money in a local, independent record store (Black Buffalo Records). The question i ask myself is not investing in a store, it’s whether i should’ve invested the money in my art? Whether i thought i should take a bigger chance/risk to believe in my music. I won’t lie, i thought a lot about this. I believe in me but can you or would you put a dollar amount on it? Maybe it’s insurance in case thee music never takes off? Lots of ways to look at it.


I have to leave you now but in appreciation for the visit, i leave you with a new song. Enjoy.


Trenton EP…on the radio

Over the past few weeks, I have sent out some CD’s to some local college and public radio stations. Now is the time where I need your help to have these stations play my music. I’ve listed the local stations that have my CD in their hands (The CBC also can grab my music from my CBC Music page). If you could contact these stations/shows that would be great. Also, if you have a radio station/show recommendation, that would be appreciated. If you use twitter, reference my name : @heartbreakstrgr





Sydney, NS
request line : (902) 563-4090

twitter : @CaperRadio


Campus Radio Saint John, NB
request line : (506) 648-5925

twitter : @local1073fm

suggested shows :

Star Power w/Steve Duggan – Sunday 5pm AST

Rusty Rail Saloon w/Kim BlackierFriday 6pm, Sunday 4pm AST


CHMR-FM 93.5
St. John’s, Newfoundland
request line : (709) 864-7935

twitter : chmrmunradio

suggested shows :

Flavor of the Week – Monday p to 4pm (local time)

The Songwriters – Sunday noon-1pm (local time)

The Canadian Country and folk Show – Sunday 6-7pm (local time)


CFXU Radio
Saint FX University
Antigonish, NS
request line : (902) 867-2410

suggested shows :

100% Canadian – Mondays 3pm AST
North of 49 – Monday 6pm AST
Meet Me In The Morning – Tuesday 10am AST
Walrus Motion – Wednesday 6pm AST
Good Morning George – Friday 10am AST


CHSR Broadcasting Inc.
Fredericton, NB
request line : (506) 453-4979

twitter : @CHSR979
suggested shows :

Homemade Jams – Monday to Friday 4pm AST
Instant Breakfast – Monday to Friday 8am AST
Airshow – Monday 9am AST
Anything Goes with Bondo – Tuesday 7pm AST


Halifax, NS
request line: (902) 494-2487

twitter : @CKDU881FM

suggested shows :

Operation Wake Up – Monday & Thursday 8am AST

Halifax Happy Hour – Tuesday 3:30 to 5pm AST

Halifax Is Burning – Tuesdays – 6:30pm to 7:30pm AST (TWITTER : @hfxisburning)

The Most Maple Morning – Friday 9am AST

The Great Canadian Broadcast – Friday 3:30pm AST

Mixtapes for Heartbreak – Friday 8:30pm AST


CBC Weekend Morning (CBC Radio One – Halifax)

Saturday and Sunday 6am – 9am AST
request line : 1-888-737-0338

twitter : @WKNDMornings


Atlantic Airwaves (CBC Radio – Halifax)

(request a song)
Saturday 10am CBC Radio Two
Saturday 5pm CBC Radio One
request line : (902) 420-4425

twitter : @CBCatlanticair


Daybreak Maritimes (CBC Radio One – Halifax)

(request a song)

Monday to Friday on CBC Radio One from 5:30 to 5:55 a.m. AST


email: daybreakmaritimes@cbc.ca

twitter: @daybreakcbc



East Coast FM (New Glasgow, NS)

suggested shows :

East Coast Road Trip

Friday 6pm-7pm and Saturday 9pm-10pm AST

website : http://ecfm.ca/
email : info@ecfm.ca

twitter: @941ECFM


Strombo Show (CBC Radio Two)
Sunday 8-11pm AST
website : http://www.cbc.ca/programguide/program/the_strombo_show / http://www.cbc.ca/strombo/radio/
twitter : @strombo (use hashtag #stromboshow)


Deep Roots (CBC Radio)
Saturday 5:00 p.m. (6:00 AT 6:30 NT) & Sunday 5:00 p.m. (5:30 NT)
website : http://music.cbc.ca/#/Deep-Roots
twitter : @tompowercbc


CBC Radio 2 Morning

Monday to Friday 6am to 9am AST

website: http://music.cbc.ca/#/Radio-2-Morning

email: radio2morning@cbc.ca

twitter: @CBCR2Morning


CBC Radio 2 Shift

Monday to Friday 2pm to 3:30pm AST

website: http://music.cbc.ca/#/Shift

twitter: @CBCR2Shift


CBC Radio 2 Drive

Monday to Friday 3:30pm to 7pm AST

website: http://music.cbc.ca/#/Radio-2-Drive

twitter: @cbcr2drive

email: r2drive@cbc.ca








Trenton Project Pledges

Trenton EP


Here’s a special note to Trenton Project Indiegogo pledge holders : The CD is in. I do not have the rest of the campaign artwork (this cut off date is still Feb.1). It seems strange for me to sit on the CD’s. You purchased a CD and you should have a copy if you want one now. If you are in the Halifax area and want a CD now, send me a note on twitter, FB or email at heartbreakastranger(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll get a copy in your hands. If you want to wait, that’s ok. If you live outside Halifax and still want a copy, I can send you a .wav file version with liner notes. I’ll leave it to your discretion.


Let Us Celebrate March 16

It’s a big day here at Heartbreak A Stranger. You see, it is my birthday. The past few years, I have started a tradition. I have a simple request. You may or may not be aware, but I am a huge Bob Mould fan. I ask my friends to play some Bob Mould penned songs. It may be his solo work, his days in Sugar or Husker Du or maybe the theme to The Daily Show (it’s actually called ‘Dog On Fire’. Written by Bob). If you could indulge this one request, each year, every year, on my birthday, it would be appreciated.




Heartbreak A Stranger

Reflections Cabaret petition

Today I wrote a letter in support of local dance/indie rock/LGBT friendly bar Reflections Cabaret move from their location on Sackville Street to their (proposed) new location on Gottingen St., which has been described as the ‘heart of the Gay Village’. Many live venues are disappearing, so I wrote anĀ  email in support of their move to their new location. You can too! Send an email to board@gov.ns.ca and show your support. Here is my letter:


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am sending this note to show my support for Reflections Cabaret’s move to Gottingen Street (the former Paragon/Marquee building). For years, this business has been a staple of the dance/independent rock music scene and has been a contributor to the LGBT community for years. A move to Gottingen street seems, to me, as a logical choice. This city is growing beyond the downtown core and does seem to be a good fit to the expanding business community. As a HRM citizen and musician, I ask for your support for their application.






Welcome To Heartbreak A Stranger

Welcome to the Heartbreak A Stranger web page. The intent is to have all the information on the band here for you to see and enjoy. Like any new page, there may be changes from time to time to make it easier to navigate. Please, click on the link/pages and tell me what you like/do not like. I will let you know that all comments must be approved before they are posted. So , please no spam. Enjoy!