Goodbye Lou Reed


Last week I was sad to hear about the passing of Lou Reed. I heard reports that he was not well but, still, surprised me. Everyone has a starting point for an artist. Most people know the song ‘Walk On The Wild Side‘. I guess for me the New York album was my first introduction to this discography. Top to bottom, every song grabbed me. Next was Songs For Drella, then Magic & Loss. The words of a poet, telling stories of New York City, sexuality, drug use and more. Stories from another world. Then you go back to the earlier albums: Transformer, Berlin, Coney Island Baby, The Blue Mask. Even albums that get panned have a few great tunes (i.e. ‘Kill Your Sons‘). Then going back to his first band, The Velvet Underground. Launched a thousand bands. Punk, experimental, glam, new wave musical styles. Lou taught me you don’t have to use a lot of chords. Keep it simple. I can hear his influence on my songwriting. Little turn of a phrase. Its weird for me to hear an influence.

I mentioned this on my social media feeds but years ago I released an EP entitled ‘Hello, It’s Me’. It was named after the Lou Reed/John Cale song from Songs For Drella.


Thanks Lou.


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