mailing list = free mp3 !

Right now, today, as we speak (well, as you read), if YOU join the Heartbreak A Stranger mailing list, I will personally send you an mp3 version of ‘Time & Tide’ and I will personally AUTOGRAPH the mp3 for you! (not sure how to do it, but I’ll have someone look into it). Sure, you’re asking yourself, ‘yeah, then you’ll SPAM me to death’ Whoa! Hold on. I hate spam too (don’t like the clear jelly stuff). I use MailChimp (here are their rules on privacy) But wait, there’s MORE !!!! There are caveats. Super secret stories that only YOU can read ! Random secret prizes ! Stories ! Blah Blah Blah ! In other words, F-U-N. Everybody likes F-U-N. So, what do you say? Sign up and let the good times roll….

(just type your email address into the ‘sign up for the Heartbreak A Stranger mailing list’ widget on the Home Page and BAM!, watch it work…)

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