Reflections Cabaret petition

Today I wrote a letter in support of local dance/indie rock/LGBT friendly bar Reflections Cabaret move from their location on Sackville Street to their (proposed) new location on Gottingen St., which has been described as the ‘heart of the Gay Village’. Many live venues are disappearing, so I wrote anĀ  email in support of their move to their new location. You can too! Send an email to and show your support. Here is my letter:


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am sending this note to show my support for Reflections Cabaret’s move to Gottingen Street (the former Paragon/Marquee building). For years, this business has been a staple of the dance/independent rock music scene and has been a contributor to the LGBT community for years. A move to Gottingen street seems, to me, as a logical choice. This city is growing beyond the downtown core and does seem to be a good fit to the expanding business community. As a HRM citizen and musician, I ask for your support for their application.





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