Goals For 2012

Every year, around this time, we make plans. Little check marks we write down and we say to ourselves ‘Ok, THIS is what I want to achieve this year’. I tend to keep my goals practical and reasonable. From a musical standpoint, I thought I would share some with you. This will let you see ‘behind the curtain’ on what I’m working on and it will keep me motivated:


  • finish writing two EP’s.

I have a working idea on writing a concept LP. It’s half done. I want 6 songs for each EP. I’ll roll out the demo versions for you to hear. I want the songs finished so, eventually, they will be recorded.


  • merchandise

sure, buttons are nice (and T-shirts will be next) but I’ve got to work on some ideas ‘outside the box’ that are, at least, interesting. I have a couple of ideas and i’ll try to incorporate local, independent artists.


  • Shows

This never really stops but it’s all about beating the pavement. Meeting, talking to other musicians, bar/restaurant owners, festival organizers etc. and trying to get a foot in the door. A door to door musical salesman.


  • Social Media Content

Keep posting notes,articles, news etc. that keep you entertained. ‘Cause if you’re not reading this, then I’m talking to the internet wall, I don’t really want this. I need you to be entertained.


  • Buy A New Computer

Technology changes, and I need to change too. There are some things I can’t do and my lack of new technology is holding me back. So, time to save some coins, steal your recyclables and trade in the Vic 20 for a new computer.


  • The Business Of Music

It is called the ‘music business’ and that means learning about about this side of the industry. Government funding, signing contracts, music associations, music news. There is a lot to digest. It can be overwhelming but, i’m the only one who can do it for myself. If I don’t keep up with news, i’m failing myself.


  • Tasks

Set timelines for each day, week, month, quarter. I have to be organized. As you can read, i have a lot to do. And this is beyond ‘keeping a regular life’. Time is precious.


AND, finally…….


  • Have A Beer

I want this to be fun. Can’t take everything so serious.



Well, there you go. Lofty expectations? Bar set too high / too low? Who knows. These are not necessarily set in stone. Things change. Life changes. Keep some perspective.