Cosmic Haligonian Show – Nov.1, 2012 Episode

Now you can listen to the Nov.1, 2012 Cosmic Haligonian Show on CKDU now. Download/Listen to the entire show right here (I’m around the 1hr 15min mark). You can hear a conversation with host Aaron Petrie and you can hear the track ‘Arise/Alive’ from the Trenton EP and an unreleased song ‘Joy Division’. Enjoy.

Trenton EP – Lament

Here is your first taste of the Trenton EP. You can pre-order the Trenton EP right here.  Go paste the link to all your social media feeds, go call/text your friends, go tell everyone.


In case your not intrigued enough, I’ll also be on Aaron Petrie’s Cosmic Haligonian Show Thursday, Nov.1 on CKDU. 10:30 AST. We’ll have a chat, a performance, debut new songs and more.


PS There will be another new song debuted tonight (Thursday, Oct.25) on Aaron Petire’s Cosmic Haligonian Show on CKDU. 10:30 AST. I would suggest to tune in.