DJ Gig – Halifax Record Fair – Saturday, Nov.5

Well, this is a first. I’ll be at the Halifax Record Fair on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011 at the Halifax Forum Maritime Hall (entrance is on Almon Street). In co-ordination with Black Buffalo LP’s and Deep Digs, I’ll be a DJ, actually spinning records. I won’t lie, I’m pretty excited about this. I’ll be playing vinyl all day, starting at 8am. I’ll play 33 1/3 & 45s. Complete album sides from some of my favorite artists: REM, Peter Gabriel, Bob Mould, Husker Du, Sugar, Richard Thompson and much, much more. We can talk music. Show me what you bought. It’s a complete and utter music nerd fest. Come and say ‘hi’. This is going to be fun.

Artist for hire: 365 days / every season

So, we’re coming into a new season. I’m talking about holiday season. Gatherings, drinks, social awkwardness and much more. You’re thinking of having a social event. You know someone who is hosting a little get together. Why not think outside the box. Why not try something other than playing Christmas tunes in the background. That’s where I am come in. Me, my guitar and my songs. My stories. If you’re reading this I assume you have some taste in music. Do you really want to hear ‘Hotel California’ and ‘American Pie’ again? Now, you’re saying to yourself ‘Well, Mr. smarty pants, what do YOU play?’. Well, how about hiring someone who plays Dylan, Wilco, Neil Young, Richard Thompson (!) (yes, THAT Richard Thompson). If you love good music, why not hire someone that loves music as much as you. Yes, another issue: ‘But, I can’t afford it’. Well, you can if you have a simple ‘pass the hat’ policy for your party. You could pay to go out ‘on the town’, but you’re not going out, thus saving you and your fellow friends/co-workers money. What’s a couple of coins going to an artist? And the best part: it’s pretty cool. Tell your friends ‘Yeah, I hired this guy and he played half of ‘Mermaid Avenue’ !’. But it doesn’t have to be just the holiday season. This can be any time of the year. Any time. Any season. At your house. In your backyard. In your kitchen. It’s cool, it’s affordable and it’s fun. And that’s why you can do it. If you are interested, if you’re even thinking about it, send me an email at heartbreakastranger[at]gmail[dot]com and we can work something out. Operators are standing by awaiting your email…….


(edit: wanted to add an appendage to the previous post)


Maybe, just maybe, you don’t want to ask your fellow house guests for money. Hey, maybe it sounds like a cover charge to come to your house for music. What about the barter system? I’m a musician! I know what I like! I like carpenters. And doctors. And dentists. And mechanics and people who make excellent bread and can feed me and just about any profession you can mention, I love. I can’t do any of these things but I could use their skills (BTW, if you are a dentist, i’d barter my musical skills for some dental work 😉 just saying…). And so could every musician. I am not making excuses to hire me. I’m giving you valid reasons why hiring a musician is easy, affordable and makes your day even better. C’mon, hire me.