What Is Going On – Jan 30, 2012 edition

A lot of pokers in the fire here at Heartbreak A Stranger. A lot of planning being devised. Let me tell you about the plans:

  • signed up and met with Music Nova Scotia. I will need some help. The organization is here to help myself (and others) succeed. I met with their staff last week to look over my game plan for today, 30 days and months down the road. I have to be organized. I need feedback. They are here to help. In the coming weeks, I’ll set up another meeting to work on funding.
  • mapping out a Kickstarter fundraising campaign. I will be making some original art (well, not ME, but some local artisans will create something fantastic for you to buy). The work starts now so I can have everything ready for the summer/early fall campaign. There will be art exclusive to this release. Once it is sold, it’s gone forever.
  • continue the recording process. There is a lot of work to be doneĀ  leading up to releasing the project. This will a work in progress for the year
  • write new songs for the The Trenton Project. There is 2 more songs to be written. Plus, I’ll be writing for a future project. Gotta keep my self motivated and moving froward.

Lots of good stuff in the pipeline. stay tuned.