So, You Wanna Be A Rock N Roll Star (pt.2)

Knowledge. Besides playing, writing, networking, recording, and on top of regular work and life duties, I have to work on the business of music. Knowledge is power. I read a lot on the web but I also listen to a lot of podcasts. I have a job that allows me to listen to my mp3 device while I work. On average, it’s 3 hours a day that I can cram in podcasts. Some are music related and others are not. I’ve found some podcasts on my own and have had some recommended by fellow musicians/friends. I look at this time as bonus studying. I thought I would share some of the podcasts I enjoy :

Brian Thompson – Brian is better known as his on-line name ‘Thorny Bleeder‘. He has 3 podcasts :

  • DIY Daily – a daily podcast that focuses on self-motivation and positivity
  • Music Biz Weekly (co-hosting with Michael Brandvold) – usually covers advice and topics on all facets of the music industry
  • Rock Start Branding Podcast (with Michael Brandvold and musician Greg Kihn) – discussing the marketing/branding of your music, image and more

You can hear the podcasts on Brian’s site here.


The Upward Spiral – Music professionals discussing many aspects of the music business. Listen here.


Sodajerker – Two songwriters from the UK who talk to fellow songwriters (Johnny Marr, Paul Williams, Ron Sexsmith and more) and discuss all things songwriting. Well thought out questions and really in-depth. If you’re a songwriter or enjoy the art of songwriting, it’s worth your time. Listen here.


Marketing Over Coffee – Two hosts, John J. Wall and Christopher Penn, discuss marketing tips and tricks. Very smart. Listen here.


99% Invisible – host Roman Mars discusses architecture, design and more. If you ask yourself ‘why did someone build something THIS way’, chances are 99% Invisible has an answer. Listen here.


Music Marketing Dot Com – hosts David Hooper and Wendy Wallace discuss practical and no BS straight talk advice on making it in the music business industry. Listen here.


These are a few of the podcasts on my radar. If you have any recommendations, drop me a line via social media.