What Is The Word? (aka the blog) – November 27, 2012 edition

Now would be a good time to keep you up to date on what is happening here at Heartbreak A Stranger :


  • The Trenton EP is done. Recorded, shipped to CD manufacturer, CDs now in my possession (still working on mp3 distribution version). The recording started in January 2012 and little by little, piece by piece, it was recorded. Plans put in place to create artwork, create a crowdfunding campaign, place orders for artwork and a hundred other tasks. Now comes the next phase : getting out and selling the Trenton EP. There is a lot of marketing to be done in the next few months. Contact media organizations, blogs, podcasts, radio shows, shoot another short film. Also, i’ll be applying for music festivals for 2013 (one of my goals was to have the CD done so i could apply to festivals). I’ve learned a lot along the way. A lot more to be done.


  • The official CD release party has been confirmed. It will be on Saturday, March 16, 2013 at The Company House in Halifax. As the date gets closer, I’ll have more details (cover, opening acts, set times). Did I mention my birthday is on March 16? Its true.


  • I’ve started working on the next music project. It’s working title is ‘YHZ’ (its the airport code for Halifax). When I originally started writing¬† for the Trenton EP, I wanted to write about the changes I see in Trenton and Halifax. The differences between a small town and a larger city and how they’re really not far apart. I see a lot of changes in this city. Progress? Regress? Gentrification? I’ll have some songs to reflect what is happening to this city. My timeline is 18 months to have it ready for public consumption. I think its reasonable.

Cosmic Haligonian Show – Nov.1, 2012 Episode

Now you can listen to the Nov.1, 2012 Cosmic Haligonian Show on CKDU now. Download/Listen to the entire show right here (I’m around the 1hr 15min mark). You can hear a conversation with host Aaron Petrie and you can hear the track ‘Arise/Alive’ from the Trenton EP and an unreleased song ‘Joy Division’. Enjoy.