Trenton Project Questionnaire

Below is a questionnaire I’ve created to get some feedback from you on the Trenton Project Crowdfunding Campaign. Please take a minute to fill out the survey (only 10 questions). If you have any more feedback for me, you can always email me at heartbreakastranger[at]gmail[dot]com

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Trenton Project – Final Stage

Well, we’re into the final stages of the Trenton Project Indiegogo Campaign. The campaign ends on Thursday. It’s been months in the works. From conceiving the idea of starting a campaign, coming up with ideas, approaching artists to create artwork, planning the layout of the campaign, shooting a video, research on how to run a campaign. The planning of the campaign has been running aside the writing, recording of the Trenton EP. It’s been a learning experience. Keeping it fresh and entertaining for me has been just as fun as keeping it up to date for you. Trying different ways to sell is challenging. There’s more than one way to sell music. To sell art. To sell ideas. Some ideas work. They don’t all work. So, at the end of the campaign, I’ll sit down, analyze everything. This part of the music business (to be fair, i think only musicians/music fans call it ‘music business’. Everyone calls it ‘business of music’) is where musicians have a hard time. It’s hard enough trying to write songs, but this side, the business/marketing side, is just as important. It’s best not to let this area slide.

Trenton EP – Lament

Here is your first taste of the Trenton EP. You can pre-order the Trenton EP right here.  Go paste the link to all your social media feeds, go call/text your friends, go tell everyone.


In case your not intrigued enough, I’ll also be on Aaron Petrie’s Cosmic Haligonian Show Thursday, Nov.1 on CKDU. 10:30 AST. We’ll have a chat, a performance, debut new songs and more.


PS There will be another new song debuted tonight (Thursday, Oct.25) on Aaron Petire’s Cosmic Haligonian Show on CKDU. 10:30 AST. I would suggest to tune in.


Trenton EP Completed !

Well, that’s it. The recording of EP is now completed. Boy, looking back at the start of the recording, what a journey. I have different versions of each song. From my demo version recorded on my phone to a full studio sound. Seems like miles apart. It’s like layers on a cake. One sound on top of another. And now I stand back and look at the recording. It’s a step. A BIG step, but a step. There’s a lot of work to be done between today and the actual release date of the EP. I made the EP, now i have to sell the EP. Marketing, press releases and more. It can be daunting. So, for now, i sit on the recording and pay for mixing, mastering, CD duplication, artwork, and think about all the other things that need attention. I’m already thinking of the next recording project and some other ideas percolating in my head, but that’s for another day.


PS Don’t forget about the Trenton Project Indiegogo Campaign. It’s still rolling on.


What Is The Word (aka Blog) – Trenton Project Edition – October 11, 2012

Well, what can i say. I launched my Trenton Project Indiegogo campaign 8 days ago and it has truly surprised me. A lot of work went into the campaign and it started with a vision and a plan. This was months of work. Coming up with an idea, finding artists that could help create artwork, shooting a short film, setting up an on-line payment account, setting up a website. To see it live is one thing, but to see friends, strangers want to support this project, support me, actually invest money in this or any project is humbling. I also appreciate the social media help. Posting the link to your Facebook page, re-tweeting the link and more. Any and all help is welcomed.


I worked hard to get to this point but I didn’t get here on my own. I had friends who helped me write press releases, correct my grammar, took time out of their schedule to meet with me to discuss this project and much, much more. To these folks, I say ‘Thank You’.


I know most of you who are not familiar with these crowdfunding campaigns, it would seem that the campaign is over. This is not the case. My goal was to raise $1000 during the length of the campaign. I have raised this and I am fortunate but the campaign still rolls on. The campaign runs for 30 days. I will still push forward for the entirety of the campaign to tell people about the campaign, about the project, the perks and more. My goal is still to sell artwork, CD’s, haircuts and more. It’s still my job to tell as many people as possible about the project. It’s still my goal to tell as many people as possible about myself, my music, everything. No one should ever say ‘Well, I’ve made it to Point X, I should stop’. This project and goal is not a destination. It’s part of the journey. It’s one step in the journey. To be a full-time musician, or an artist, or a business, you have to sell, promote yourself 24/7. It doesn’t stop. It will never stop. It may become annoying seeing me promote myself on social media or in person, but it’s what I have to do.


I’ve learned a lot about myself in the making of this project. I have more learning ahead of me……







What Is The Word (aka Blog) – Audio Blog – October 4, 2012

Audio blog for October 4, 2012. Talking* about Day 2 of Trenton Project Indiegogo Campaign and progress of recording the Trenton EP.


* Oh, see you popped on to the site to hear me talk about the project. Well, it was good. A fantastic blah, blah, blah something something something and now i deleted the audio part of this post. Sorry.