The Trenton Project

Started a new project today. It was time to delve into starting to record my music, so I approached my pal Jason Mingo. Jason and I go back many years and, musically, we are on the same page. I laid out my vision of the songs. I would say, sonically, we’ll be channeling Wilco’s ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’, David Baerwald’s ‘Triage’ and the solo work of Daniel Lanois.

I named the working title ‘Trenton Project’ because the songs I wrote reflect the days I grew up in Trenton, Nova Scotia. The songs reflect the town I knew in my youth and the changes that I see since I left. The name ‘Trenton’ could be replaced with any small town name. A rural one industry town that has been hit by a global economy, where jobs are shipped out to reflect the bottom line of a company’s financial spreadsheet. Somehow the town has survived.

This project will be 6-7 songs. I want to bookend this project with a future look at the changes I see in my current city, Halifax NS. But, for now, one project at a time. In the future, i’ll be posting demos & rough mixes of the songs. A timetable for the songs to be released, you ask? Well, like anything, it depends on funds. Perhaps a kickstarter-esque fundraiser in the future? Who knows. In the meantime, let’s get this started!

channeling Jack Nitzsche in the studio

'Look at the colors on the screen' : in the studio - Day 1

Today was supposed to be the start of talks to work on a recording project, but morphed into the start of the project.