Thank You – 2012 Edition

Thank You from Heartbreak A Stranger

Thank You from Heartbreak A Stranger


Well, it’s the end of 2012. Usually the end of a calender year means reflection on the past, contemplation for the coming year, blah blah blah. I’m more concerned with the future, but i’ll talk about this in, well, the future. This post is a thank you for the following :


  • To the musicians that worked with me on this project. I started this recording project in January 2012. From playing the songs to co-producer Jason Mingo and hitting the ‘record’ button to laying down the last note of music, it’s been a long process. Juggling studio time, professional/personal schedules is never easy.
  • To the artists who met with me, believed in the project, helped create artwork, created merchandise, logos, shot film for the crowdfunding project and much, much more.
  • To the 31 people who believed in my art and were willing to invest their money in this project. Invest in me. Friends and strangers. From Halifax and beyond. Beyond amazed.
  • To every person who met with me over coffee or beer, responded to an email, facebook message, tweet, private messages and more. If you gave me any part of your day. If you answered questions concerning the music business and beyond.
  • To you. Yes, you. The person reading this post. The person who follows me on social media, passes along news, links to your friends. The person who sends me tweets, FB messages, says ‘hi’ in person and asks me about my music.


Everything I do is a learning process. These are all steps in a journey. My goal is taking one step forward, followed by another step. Thank you for making it this far. Bon Scott was right : It’s a long way to top if wanna rock n roll.

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