Trenton EP Stream (and more)

Everything you needed to know about the Trenton EP is now in one post!


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Listen to the Trenton EP :

Song List :

1. Introduction

2. This Town

3. Look In The Mirror

4. A Conversation

5. Your Hometown

6. Lament

7. Arise / Alive


Trenton EP – A Guide

The EP starts off with ‘Introduction’. I wanted to lay the groundwork for the EP right away, painting a picture with radio broadcasts I would hear growing up in Trenton. Each news report always seemed a little less positive with each broadcast. Musically, I liked the idea of Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Silent Night/7 O’Clock News’ but where S&G are singing a Christmas tune against the news of the day, I wanted more chaos in the background. The opening lyric to ‘This Town’ almost sounds like a call to arms (I’m gonna sing about this town / ’cause no one else does). Love the guitar work from Jason Mingo and the change in the drum tempo from Kev Corbett. I wrote ‘Look In The Mirror’ with the intention of making it sound like a preacher giving a sermon from the pulpit. When times get tough, people look to a higher power for guidance or explanation. The first verse sounds more like a parishioner asking ‘Why?’ but no answers are coming. I’m not a person of faith so I never understood why people would thank someone for good things but never point the finger and say ‘why did YOU do nothing?’. In the last verse I ask the questions. ‘A Conversation’ could be many things : talking to a younger version of yourself, breaking tough news to a friend, coming to terms with a situation. It could be something more. For the feel of the song, I always like the spoken word songs of Lou Reed (‘Beginning Of A Great Adventure’, ‘Last Great American Whale’). For ‘Your Hometown’, I think the first line of the song (let’s go back to your hometown / light one match / burn it all to the ground) pretty much sets the tone for the song. In a sense the town is scorched earth, without the fire. The railway plant buildings are still standing, but if there is nothing happening, does it make a difference? When I finished writing ‘Lament’, I knew this was the big, epic song I wanted for the EP. I knew there had to be one song that outgrew the simple chords. I had the first line (the rails run through my veins / and the forge is the beat of my heart) early and I knew it was something. Something very big. The song demands a large symphonic sound. Every person who had heard the song in the early stages said it was an epic sounding tune. The last song ‘Arise/Alive’ is a bookend song. You always want a strong song to start and end each music project. When I had the all the songs written, I wanted to put the songs in sequence and I knew this would be the last song. It’s a nice ending tune to wrap up the EP. There’s optimism and hope. The cello from Julia Feltham is a nice intro to the song and comes in at the right time during the bridge, while the organ to let the song fade out feels good. The End.

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