Trenton Project Update – Jan.29, 2013 Edition

This past week, I’ve been sending out some of the rewards from the Trenton Project crowdfunding rewards. Some of the rewards from beyond the borders of Nova Scotia were sent earlier to ensure they arrived in a reasonable time. Below is an email I received from a campaign supporter from Brazil. No affiliation to Trenton, but the story of Trenton is universal….

(PS The email was printed with permission)


Hi Aaron!

I received your CD last week, and already heard it. It’s very good, I definitely connected with your feelings regarding your hometown, even though the comparison between Trenton and Florian√≥polis are not that obvious. While your city was kind of abandoned with the closing of the plant, mine is overcrowded with people looking for sand and sea, and is suffering from overpopulation, construction of houses/buildings where there shouldn’t be any and rising violence. So I’m really sad to realize the way things are going.

Lament is a very beautiful song, the guitar part at the end is marvelous. I also enjoyed the first track, the way it sets the tone, especially for guys like me who are not familiar with the city’s history.

So congratulations for your EP!


People will believe in you and your music. Receiving an email like this is very touching and flattering.


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