Trenton Project – Final Stage

Well, we’re into the final stages of the Trenton Project Indiegogo Campaign. The campaign ends on Thursday. It’s been months in the works. From conceiving the idea of starting a campaign, coming up with ideas, approaching artists to create artwork, planning the layout of the campaign, shooting a video, research on how to run a campaign. The planning of the campaign has been running aside the writing, recording of the Trenton EP. It’s been a learning experience. Keeping it fresh and entertaining for me has been just as fun as keeping it up to date for you. Trying different ways to sell is challenging. There’s more than one way to sell music. To sell art. To sell ideas. Some ideas work. They don’t all work. So, at the end of the campaign, I’ll sit down, analyze everything. This part of the music business (to be fair, i think only musicians/music fans call it ‘music business’. Everyone calls it ‘business of music’) is where musicians have a hard time. It’s hard enough trying to write songs, but this side, the business/marketing side, is just as important. It’s best not to let this area slide.

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